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We supply high quality pedigree paperwork for all dogs including mixed breeds or designer dogs. Full litter registration with three generation pedigree certificate, adult dog registration and change of ownership paperwork. Whether you're a proud owner or a breeder 'The Kennel Certificate Company' is here for you.

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Who Can Register With The Kennel Certificate Company?

We feel that all breeds of dog and variations of that breed are as lovable and worthy of registration as dogs that are bred to an ideal specification. We believe in time, owners of all dogs, pure breeds and mixed breeds will have the opportunity to trace back the lineage of their loved pet. We provide a three generation certificate and ownership certificate otherwise known as 'dog papers', 'kennel papers' or 'pedigree papers' which you can use to trace ancestry and prove ownership.

Mixed breeds are becoming more popular and in fact are also referred to as 'Designer Dogs'. 'The kennel Certificate Company' is offering breeders and owners alike a place to register these breeds so that in time a concise database can be established which will allow breeders to breed dogs safely without the risk of close generation inbreeding which could cause future genetic health problems.

You can be confident that the registration process ensures all loved dogs and puppies will be issued with their certificates when requested. Our growing database also ensures that the generation history (if known at the time of registration) is then recorded for future registrations of all lines in all breeds.

Kennel Certificate

How it Works

It's all very simple here at 'The Kennel Certificate Company', you tell us all about your existing dog, new litter or new owner details and we produce club paperwork based on the information you supply. Our high quality kennel paperwork products are for anyone with a dog. Whether you're a dog breeder or pet dog owner these K9 papers are great to show off to your prospective puppy purchasers or your friends.

Registering a dog without papers is easy. If you do not already know the heritage of your dog then you can create your family tree here. Please provide names of previously registered dogs where possible. Any unregistered dogs may be appointed names by you, which will only be valid with 'The Kennel Certificate Company Ltd.'

Please note that we are not affiliated in any way with the following organisations:-

'The Kennel Club', 'Kennel Registration or Kennel Reg', 'Dog Lovers Registration Club', 'Dog Reg Club' or 'The American Kennel Club'.

For full details of our terms and conditions please follow the link below.

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